Indoor Hydroponic Garden Room Consulting

Design your own indoor, hydroponic gardening system

We at Garden Grove Hydro and Nursery Supply in Garden Grove, CA are experts in consulting our clients in planning and designing their own indoor hydroponic grow room.

We’re here to consult you on projects of any size or scale. We consult with you on-site, in addition to offering you cultivation room and turnkey facility designs.

Our team is here to lower your production costs, increase yields, and increase the overall efficiency of your facility. Each one of us on this consulting team possesses a top-notch skill set and level of expertise in the field.

Contact Garden Grove Hydro and Nursery Supply in Garden Grove, CA to get all the consulting and training you need to confidently set up your own hydroponic grow room system.

What We Offer

Hydroponic Garden Facility Design & Planning

This is quite possibly the most important part of your consultation. Our knowledge and expertise of the best cultivation practices will save you money, time, and a number of headaches. We’ll guide you and your architects in the education of specific nuances of this cultivation industry. We know how to break a project down into various phases in addition to being flexible we varying budget parameters.

Hydroponic Garden Lighting Analysis & Design

Our lighting design professionals in Gmap out and craft detailed analyses to ensure maximum productivity, quality, and uniformity in your operation. Canopy penetration, light intensity, heat transfer, power load plans, and spectrum schemes are some of the many factors we optimize for our clients.

Hydroponic Garden Water Filtration & Irrigation

Water is one of the three fundamental components needed to produce healthy, strong plants. It is vital to get it right the first time. From reverse-osmosis practices to carbon filtration, irrigation plans to drip systems, our specialists will help guide you to the best solution for balanced, clean water for your plants.

Hydroponic Garden Environmental & Atmospheric Control

Choosing the most energy-efficient HVAC and dehumidification systems is extremely reliant on operational circumstances, including the size of the facility and budget. Better yields start with specific climate control. Climate control systems make for upward of 50% of the total energy consumption in an indoor hydroponic cultivation facility. We provide consultation and optimization cycles to help your operation achieve superior air quality.

Hydroponic Garden Nutrients & Fertigation

Not only do we carry the largest selection of soils, but we also help our clients optimize plant growth and maximize yields. Our nutrient and fertigation specialists have vast experience with superior brands.