If you’re thinking about starting your own hydroponic garden, read on because we have the essential information you’ll need to get started on your new and exciting gardening project!


Steps to starting your hydroponic garden:

  1. Choose the types of plants you want to grow (leafy green plants usually work best) and germinate the seeds to create a root system


2. Depending on the space you have, your budget, and the plants you decided to grow, it will be time to choose the type of hydroponic system you’ll be working with


3. Select a source of light to be used (it is helpful to do some research beforehand on costs, the intensity and spectrum of various lights, and their area of coverage)

    • Full-spectrum LED growing lights tend to work well because they fit into most people’s budgets, they can help to grow leafy and fruit-bearing plants and are generally quite efficient


4. Select a grow medium depending on the plants you decide to grow and the type of hydroponic system you’ll be using

    • It is important to consider costs, levels of water retention, aeration levels, and the stability of pH levels when choosing a growing medium for your garden


5. Buy some nutrient-high supplements and a pH meter to monitor your garden and keep it healthy

    • This is important because your hydroponic plants will only be able to absorb nutrients within a certain range of pH levels


6. Let some water run through your system once it’s set up to ensure there are no leaks


If you would like more information, have questions, or need help setting up your new system, give us a call!